NIOSH Essential Element Implementation (0–5) Briefly describe how you are incorporating this element into your worksite program
Organizational Culture and Leadership
1. Develop a “human-centered culture.” Effective programs thrive in organizations with policies and programs that promote respect throughout the organization and encourage active worker participation, input, and involvement. A human-centered culture is built on trust, not fear.      
2. Demonstrate leadership. Commitment to worker health and safety, reflected in words and actions, is critical. The connection of workforce health and safety to the core products, services, and values of the company should be acknowledged by leaders and communicated widely. In some notable examples, corporate boards of directors have recognized the value of workforce health and well-being by incorporating it into an organization’s business plan and making it a key operating principle for which organization leaders are held accountable.      
3. Engage mid-level management. Supervisors and managers at all levels      

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