Of these very technical issues, a participant stated that his source of concern is nuclear terrorism. During the Washington and Seoul Summits the Indian government and 40 other governments have committed at the highest level to nuclear security. So if one is concerned with nuclear terrorism, then one is concerned with security of materials of all forms, i.e. plutonium and uranium in the different forms, and irradiated fuel, and also radiological sources. Frankly, if there is a nuclear terrorist attack, we do not care what kind of material is used, the speaker said. The implications of a terrorist act with radioactive material is very serious. It is difficult to address because the sources are widely dispersed, which could increase the threat of an improvised explosive device. Is there currently a procedure in India to check every site of a bomb explosion for radioactivity, because without ever knowing it, there may have been radioactive material mixed with chemical explosives, only to be discovered much later. People who were exposed may have moved away. Maybe every chemical bomb explosion anywhere should also be checked for the presence of radioactivity.

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