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Appendix List of Workshop Presentations 19 June 1990 Institute of Space Research, Moscow BARUCH T. SOIFER (California Institute of Technology) "Results from IRAS, the Infrared Satellite" ROBERT T. KIRSHNER (Hanard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) "Supernova 1987A' MARGARET J. GELLER (Hanard~mithsonian Center for Astrophysics) "Voids and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe" 20 June 1990 Presidium of George SSR Academy of Sciences, ~1m RICCARDO GL\CCONI (Space Telescope Science Institute) "Clusters of Galaxies" GEORGE U: CLARK, NAS Chair (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "X-Ray Eclipses and Cyclotron Spectral Features" WALTER H.G. LEWIN, NAS Co-Chair (Massachusetts Institute of ~ch- nology) "Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in Low-Mass X-Ray Butanes" BRUCE MAROON (IJniversity of Washington) "Main Sequence Binanes in Globular Clusters" DAVID J. HELFAND (Columbia UniversiW) "The X-Ray Background" 21 June 1990 Abas~mani Astrophysical Observatory, Tbilisi YEVGENIY M. CHUEtASOV (Institute of Space Research) "Observations of X-Ray Pulsars and Galactic Bulge by Mir-Kvant" G. CHIBISOV AND YU.V. SHTANOV (Lebedev Physical Institute) "Chaotic Inflationary Universes and the Anisotropy of the I~rge-Scale Structure" 411

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412 AMERICAN AND SOVIET PERSPECTIVES M. KHLOPOV "Physical and Astrophysical Ejects of the Broken Flavor Symmetry" RICHARD F. MUSHOTZKY (NASAIGoddard Space Flight Center) "Ac- tive Galactic Nuclei" S.N SILICH (thieve "Asymmetric Remnants of Supernovae" ROGER D. BLANDFORD (California Institute of Technology) "Active Galactic Nuclei" S.N GREBENEV (Institute of Space Research) "X-Ray Observations of Vulpecula" V.V USOV (Institute of Space Research) "Gas Flow and Generation of X-Ray Emmission in WR + OB Binanes" S. FABRIKA (Six-Meter Telescope) "Photometry of SS 433 and Its Mass Functions" NM. CHEREPASHCHUK (Moscow State UniversiW) "Photometric Pecu- lianties of SS 433" YLJ.YE. LUYBARSKY (Radioastronomical Institute) "lithe Structure of Pulsar Magnetospheres" G.S. BISNOVAlrYE-KOGAN (IKI) "Free Precession of the Neutron Star in HER X-I" 23 June 1990 Abas~mani Astrophysical Observatory, Tbilisi V.S. BERESINSKY (Institute of Nuclear Research) "High-Energy Gan~nna- Radiation from Young Supernova Shells" Yu.N. GNEDIN (Pulkovo Observatory) "Ultra-High Energy Gamma Rays from X-Ray Binanes" R. DAGKESAbLANSKY (Lebedev Physical Institute) "Radiotelescopes as the Detectors of Super-High Energy Neutnnos" N.G. BOCHKAREV (Moscow State University) "Spectral Variability of AGNs. Six-Meter Telescope Data" S. LEVSHAKOV (Ioffe Institute) "CO Abundance in a Galaxy with Red- shift z = 2.3" I.S. BESKIN ~ebedev Physical Institute) "Some Aspects of the Evolution of Radiopulsars" OF. ILLARIONOV, D.^ Upper Kompaneyets (Institute of Space Physics) "The Rotation Periods of Neutron Stars in X-Ray Binaries" Kin POSTNOV, M.E. PROKHOROV, N.I. SHAKURA (Moscow State University) "Free Precession in HER X-I" KEVIN HURLEY (University of California, Berkeley) "Cosmic Ga~n~na- Ray Bursts" MAARTEN SCHMIDT (California Institute of lLchnology3 "Statistics of Gamma-Ray Bursts"

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HIGH-ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS 413 ROGER B LAND FORD (California Institute of psychology) "The Physics of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts" I.G. MITROFANOV (Institute of Space Research) "Results from the Apex Gamma-Ray Burst E~penment on Phobos" O.V. TEREKHOV (Institute of Space Research) "Results from the Lilas Gamma-Ray Burst Expenment on Phobos" ILLARIONOV (Institute of Space Research) "Heavy Elements Absorp- tion Lines in the Spectra of Gamma-Ray Bursts" P. AMRUEL, O. GUSSEYROV (Baku) "Evolutionary Sequence of Low- Mass X-Ray Sources" 25 June 1990 Abas~mani Astrophysical Observatory MAARTEN SCHMIDT (California Institute of Technology) "The Faint End of Stellar L~ninosiW" BRUCE MAROON (Universitr of Washington) "A Low-Cost 3.~-Meter Optical Telescope at Apache Point" G. KAHID~E (Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory) "The Georgian Space Research Program" 26 June 1990 Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory J. G. LOMINAD~E (Idwn Laboratory of Abastumani Astrophysical Ob- se~vato~y) "Theoretical Activities at AAO" G.D. CHAGELISHVILI, R.G. CHANISHVILI, J.G. LOMINADZE, S.~ SOKHADZE (own Laboratory of Abas~mam Astrophysical Observatory) "Large-Scale Magnetic Fields ~ Accretion Disks of Compact Objects and Their Manifestations" NZ. KA=3EG1, G.Z MACHABELI, G.I. MELIKIDEE Gown Laboratory of Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory) and TV. USOV (Institute of Space Research) "Theory of Pulsar Radio Emission: Possible Versions" M.E. GEDALIN, J. G. LOMINADZE, E.G. TSIKARISHVILI Gown Lab- oratory of Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory) "ReladvisUc Plasma the Crab Nebula" T.J. TOROSHELIDZE (Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory) "A Search for a Precursor of Earthquakes in Airglow'' N.G. KOGOSHVILI, T.M. BORCHKHAD~E (Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory) "The Merged Catalogue of Galaxies on Magnetic lope and Some Resulm of Its Statistical Treatment" 28 June 1990 Instate of Space Physics W. DAVID ARNEIT (Universitr of Arizona) "Supernovae"

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414 AMERICAN AND SOVIET PERSPECTIVES D.K NADYOZHIN (Institute of Theoretical and E~penmental Physics) "Some Crucial Points in the Interpretation of SN 1987A Data" S.V BLINNIKOV (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics) "Modeling of the Early SN87A Light Curve with Multi-Group Time- Dependent Radiative Transfer" ROBERT P. KIRSHNER (EIarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) "Optical Data on Supernova 1987A" V.P. UTROBIN (Institute of Theoretical and Eypenmental Physics) "The Internal Structure of the Progenitor of SN8 7A' N.N. CHUGAY (Astronomical Council) "The Early Hard X-Ray and Garnrna-Ray Luminositr of SN87A Derived from the Optical Spectra" RASHID ~ SUNYAEV, ASUSSR Chair (Institute of Space Physics) "Evo- lut~on of the Hard X-Ray Spectrum of SN87A" JOSEPH H. TAYLOR, JR. (Pnnceton University) "Millisecond Pulsars" DAVID J. HELFAND (Columbia Un~versibr) "Supernova Remnant Popu- lation of the Galaxy'' 29 June 1990 Institute of Space Physics DAVID T. WILKINSON (Princeton Umversib) "Anisotropy in OK Radi- ation" I.N STRUKOV (Institute of Space Physics) "Experimental Methods of Investigation of Large-Scale Anisotropy of MBR" MARC DAVIS (University of Californua, Berkeley) "Cosmology Studies with the Infrared Satellite" RICHARD F. MUSHOTZKY (NASAfGoddard Space Flight Center) "Large-Scale Structure of the Universe" ALAN H. GUM (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "The Inflationary Universe" ALEXEY ~ STAROBINSKY (Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics) "Prospects for Proving the Existence of Inflation by Observations" G.B. SHOLOMYTSKY (Institute of Space Physics) "Test for the Cosmo- logical Constant" MAARI~EN SCHMIDT (California Institute of Technology) "Extragalactic X-Ray Source Statistics" JOSEPH H. TAYLOR, JR. (Princeton Universitr) "Millisecond Pulsars and the Background of Gravitational Waves"

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HIGH-ENERGY ASTROPHYSICS 415 30 June 1990 (Institute of Space Physics) JACQUELINE N. HEWITI (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "Gravitational Lenses" DAVID N. SPERGEL (Princeton University3 "Cosmic Walls" ALAN H. GUTH (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "Can a Man- Made Universe Be Achieved By Quantum Tunneling Without Initial Sin- gularity?" FRIEDMAN (Astronomical Council) "Observed Turbulence Spectra and Single Dipole Vortices" E. KHACHIKYAN (Byllrakan Observatory) "Double Galactic Nuclei"