The report that follows summarizes the presentations and discussions by the expert panelists and participants during the workshop. Chapter 2 provides background on some of the issues surrounding planning for children in disasters, an overview of the recommendations from the 2010 National Commission on Children and Disasters (NCCD) report, and progress thus far in integrating the needs of children into preparedness planning. Chapter 3 discusses leveraging health care coalitions to meet the needs of children in disasters, while Chapter 4 focuses on tools and studies done to augment state and local planning for children. Chapter 5 includes provider, hospital, insurer, and health system perspectives on the challenges of funding preparedness and response activities. The importance of public health partnerships and collaboration with community organizations in planning is discussed in Chapter 6. In Chapter 7, some of the specific needs of children during response are discussed (functional needs, nutritional needs, family reunification, temporary child care). Chapters 8 and 9 focus on the importance of tracking mental and behavioral health recovery of children and families, as well as strategies to foster resilience, and interventions that promote the social and economic well-being of children. Finally, Chapter 10 looks at the recovery experience after Hurricane Sandy from child and family agencies and their plans moving forward. Resources and other materials from the workshop can be found in the appendixes, and, specifically, a paper that was commissioned for this workshop is provided in Appendix G, and a resource list of all the tools mentioned throughout the report can be found in Appendix F.


Throughout the 2-day workshop, a variety of themes emerged across multiple workshop presentations and discussions. The following topics were highlighted by Anderson and the session chairs in summary statements at the close of the workshop. Each of these topics will be discussed at greater length throughout the report.


3Rapporteurs’ summary based on the presentations, discussions, and summary remarks by the meeting and session chairs.

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