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symposia, and networking events, and to produce online interview videos with successful women chemists of color. Based on outcomes from the grant, ACS established the Women Chemists of Color program in 2012 to continue the activities. These efforts have been aimed at broadening awareness of challenges for women of color found at the specific intersection of gender and ethnicity; gathering more data about women chemists of color; and providing a forum for building community among women of color. Full program information can be found at

Many of the ACS Women Chemists of Color program offerings have included evaluation components which have allowed participants to identify areas of need and prioritization. Some responses for needed resources were universal such as acquiring scholarships and identifying research topics. Other needs were more specific to this intersection of race/ethnicity and gender and included mentoring by other women of color and outside of gender and/or ethnicity; providing support mechanisms for the unique challenges women face with respect to their cultural norms and expectations; compiling and disseminating resources for women of color in the sciences; increasing numbers in academia; and networking. Priorities identified include resources for career and personal transition points; panel discussions with shared life experiences; data collection; mentoring and support; roles in Society leadership; and, broadening awareness among non-minority women and men. A dominant theme in evaluation responses was the significance of being ‘the only one’ with both positive and negative associations, such as hypervisibility, isolation, tokenism, and stereotyping.

In addition, three governance bodies of the ACS— – the Women Chemists Committee (WCC), the Committee on Minority Affairs (CMA), and the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board (D&I) —serve women of color within the Society. The WCC strives to be leaders in attracting, developing, promoting, and advocating for women in the chemical sciences in order to positively impact society and the profession. CMA aims to lead change in institutional culture within the ACS and the chemical enterprise and achieve full participation and expression of intellectual and creative capacity of underrepresented minorities. D&I is tasked with promoting and advancing diversity and inclusion within and on behalf of the Society.


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