UNESCO     R&D personnel and researchers (FTE and head count) by gender, performing sector, educational qualification, field of science; technicians and other supporting staff by performing sector   Innovation in manufacturing sector—firms involved in innovation; cooperation arrangements; hampering factors of innovation; available for 12 nations

NOTES: BERD = business enterprise expenditure on research and development; BOP = balance of payments; BRIC = Brazil, Russia, India, and China; EPO = European Patent Office; EU = European Union; FTE = full-time equivalent; GBAORD = government budget appropriations or outlays for research and development; GDP = gross domestic product; GERD = gross domestic expenditure on research and development; GOVERD = government intramural expenditure on research and development; HE = higher education; HERD = higher education expenditure on research and development; ICT = information and communication technology; MSA = metropolitan statistical area; NAEP = National Assessment of Educational Progress; NAICS = North American Industry Classification System; NSB = National Science Board; NCSES = National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics; PISA = Programme for International Student Assessment; R&D = research and development; ROW = rest of the world; S&E = science and engineering; SEH = science, engineering, and health; STEM = science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; UNESCO = United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; USPTO = United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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