Recommendation Eight

Research institutions should have policies and procedures to address other misconduct—such as theft, harassment, or vandalism—that may occur in the research environment. Where procedures for handling complaints about other misconduct do not exist, allegations should be examined according to the same administrative mechanisms as those designed to address misconduct in science, although the procedural pathways for responding to other misconduct and misconduct in science may differ.

Recommendation Nine

Government research agencies should clarify their roles in addressing misconduct in science, questionable research practices, and other misconduct. Although government agencies have specific regulatory responsibilities in handling the categories of misconduct in science and other misconduct, their role in addressing questionable research practices should be designed to support the efforts of sci entists and research institutions to discourage such practices through the processes of education and peer review.

Taking Additional Steps
Recommendation Ten

An independent Scientific Integrity Advisory Board should be created by the scientific community and research institutions to exercise leadership in addressing ethical issues in research conduct; in framing model policies and procedures to address misconduct in science and other misconduct; to collect and analyze data on episodes of misconduct in the research environment; to provide periodic assessments of the adequacy of public and private systems that have been developed to handle misconduct in science cases; and to facilitate the exchange of information about and experience with policies and procedures governing the handling of allegations of misconduct in science.

Recommendation Eleven

The important role that individual scientists can play in disclosing incidents of misconduct in science should be acknowledged. Individuals who, in good conscience, report suspected misconduct in science deserve support and protection. Their efforts, as well as

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