C. Creativity and Innovation

10. Stimulating Creative Insight—A Cohesive Model of Design Innovation Across Individuals, Groups and Computer Agents (Jonathan Cagan and Kenneth Kotovsky, Carnegie Mellon University)

11. Design Tools to Cognitive Processes to Innovation (Christian D. Schunn and Michael Lovell, University of Pittsburgh)

D. Knowledge Production System

12. Developing the Science of Science and Innovation Policy: Profiles of Innovativeness and Gaps in the Idea Innovation Network (Jerald Hage and Jonathon Mote, University of Maryland)

13. Modeling the Dynamics of Technological Evolution (Doyne J. Farmer, William Brian Arthur, and Jessika Trancik, Santa Fe Institute; Douglas H. Erwin, US National Museum of Natural History; Walter W. Powell, Stanford University; as well as several senior collaborators)

14. Towards a Macroscope for Science Policy Decision Making (Katy Borner and Weixia Huang, Indiana University; Kevin Boyack, Sandia National Labs)

15. Research and Technology Partnerships: Quantifying Strategic Relationships (Nicholas S. Vonortas, George Washington University)

E. Science Policy Implications

16. Assessing the Impact of Science Policy on the Rate and Direction of Scientific Progress: Frontier Tools and Applications (Jeffrey Furman, NBER and Boston University; Fiona Murray, MIT; Scott Stern, Northwestern University)

17. Innovation and Technology Implementation: Theory and Policy Implications (Diego Comin, NBER and Harvard University; Bart Hobijn, New York University)

18. State Science Policies: Modeling Their Origins, Nature, Fit, and Effects on Local Universities (Maryann Feldman and James Hearn, University of Georgia)

19. Public Value Mapping: Developing a Non-Economic Model of the Social Value of Science and Innovation Policy (Daniel R. Sarewitz, Arizona State University; Barry Bozeman, University of Georgia)


A. Describing the Role of Firms in Innovation

1. The Division of Innovative Labor: Features, Determinants and Impacts on Innovative Performance (Ashish Arora, Carnegie Mellon; Wes Cohen, Duke University; John Walsh, Georgia Tech)

2. The Rise of International Coinvention: A New Phase in the Globalization of R&D? (Lee Branstetter, Carnegie Mellon University)

3. Modeling Innovation Chains Using Case-Based Econometrics (Kenneth Flamm,

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