11:30–12:45 p.m. Concurrent Sessions A

I. Implementing Science Policy (Conference Room 120)
~ Chair: Laurel Smith-Doerr (Steering Committee Member)
~ Presenters:

Bruce Weinberg (Ohio State University) and Subhra Saha (Cleveland State University); Estimating the Local Economic Spillovers from Science
Scott Stern (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Exploring the Possibility, Utility, and Meaning of Lab-based Socio-technical Collaborations
Jerry Thursby (Georgia Institute of Technology); Communication, Collaboration, and Competition in Scientific Research
Mathew Higgins (Georgia Institute of Technology); Killing the Golden Goose: Accelerated Generic Entry and the Incentives for High-Risk Pharmaceutical R&D

II. Scientific Discovery Processes (Conference Room 125)
~ Chair: Chris Schunn (University of Pittsburg)
~ Presenters:
Susannah Paletz (University of Pittsburgh); Unpacking Social and Cognitive Processes in Science and Engineering Team Innovation
Erik Fisher (Arizona State University); Exploring the Possibility, Utility, and Meaning of Lab-based Socio-technical Collaborations
Gary Bradshaw (Mississippi State University); Science, the Little Bang, and Edison
Jan Youtie (Georgia Institute of Technology); Career-based Influences on Scientific Recognition in the United States and Europe: Longitudinal Evidence from Curriculum Vitae Data

III. Human Capital (Members Room)
~ Chair: Laure Haak (ORCID)
~ Presenters:
Richard Freeman (Harvard University), Wei Huang (coauthor); Collaborating With People Like Me: Study of Ethnic Composition of Scientific Teams in U.S.
Rajshree Agarwal-Tronetti (University of Maryland) and Jay Kesan (University of Illinois); Academia or Industry, Basic or Applied? Career Choices and Earnings Trajectories of Scientists
Eric Stuen (University of Idaho); Skilled Immigration and Innovation: Evidence from Enrolment Fluctuations in U.S. Doctoral Programmes
Megan MacGarvie (Boston University); Do Return Requirements Increase International Knowledge Diffusion? Evidence from the Fulbright Program

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