An important and convenient source of recent scholarship on this subject is the series ''Photocopies of Newspaper and Periodical Materials,'' published by People's University Press. One unit in this series, Agricultural Economy, which has appeared annually since 1979, covers two fields directly related to the grasslands: the development of animal husbandry and grassland reconstruction. Most of the articles are two to three pages long; provide a general introduction to a specific area or topic; or report on field research including observations, interviews, and statistics. A list of entries from the 1987 and 1988 volumes (see section 5 of references) includes articles on economics, sociology, history, demography, and ecology. The Harvard-Yenching Library has a complete collection of this series.


In recent years, the Chinese Government has released statistics related to social, economic, demographic, and environmental development in all regions of China over several decades. Statistical yearbooks published by central and local statistical bureaus cover agricultural and industrial production, trade and transportation, population changes (including migration), income and consumption levels of urban and rural residents, regional ethnic structure, education and health care facilities, social welfare, and other topics. The series Population of China contains recent population data for each province and autonomous region. A list of statistical yearbooks and other serial publications related to the grassland areas appears in section 6 of the references. The last section of the references provides a list of English-language publications on Chinese minority groups and grassland areas.


1. Pre-1980 Publications

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