6. Official Statistical and Serial Publications

Statistical Yearbooks for Each Province or Region, Edited by Local Bureau of Statistics: Neimenggu shehui tongji nianjian [Social Statistics of Inner Mongolia]. Annual.

Xinjiang tongji nianjian [Statistical Yearbook of Xinjiang]. Annual.

National Statistical Yearbooks: Zhongguo nongmuyuye tongji ziliao (Agricultural Statistics of China]. Ministry of Agriculture, ed.. Annual.

Zhongguo renkou [Population of China]. 1987. Neimenggu fence [Volume on Inner Mongolia]. Song Yougong, ed.. Beijing: Finance and Economy Press.

Zhongguo renkou nianjian [Population Yearbook of China]. 1982– . Institute of Population Studies, CASS, ed.

Zhongguo tongji nianjian [China Statistical Yearbook]. 1982– . Zhongguo tongjizhu [Chinese Bureau of Statistics), ed.

7. English-Language Publications

Alonso, M.E., ed. 1979. China's Inner Asian Frontier. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

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