Gathering Information

Check the medical record and the nutrition questionnaire to identify relevant questions and avoid unnecessary repetition. Useful sociodemographic data includes maternal age, ethnic background, marital status, and evidence of low income.

History—Sample Questions
Sociodemographic, Obstetric, Medical, and Life-Style Factors
  • What vitamins, minerals, or other supplements are you taking? How much? How often? Why?

  • Have you had anemia, "low blood," or "low iron"?

  • Are you breastfeeding now?

  • Are you planning to become pregnant in the next year?

Weight Status
  • How do you feel about your current weight?

  • Have you ever been underweight? Overweight? What, if anything, did you do about it?

  • If an eating disorder is suspected, ask: Does it bother you to know that you are going to be weighed? If yes, When you know you will be weighed, do you ever eat less? Force yourself to vomit? Use laxatives or diuretics? Exercise a lot?

  • Have you recently gained or lost weight? How much? How fast? Were you trying to lose weight? If yes, Using what type of plan?

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