Discomforts and Dietary Practices

See Questions 1 through 5 and 11 through 13 on the nutrition questionnaire.

Use of Harmful Substances

See "Interpretation of Nutrition Questionnaire," Questions 15 through 17.

Infant Feeding
  • What have you heard about breastfeeding?

  • Have you ever breastfed? If yes, ask: How did it go?

  • How do most of your friends feed their babies?

Physical Examination
General Appearance

Check for healthy gums, teeth, throat, and skin; overall physique; and amount and distribution of body fat. Observe the woman for signs of depression, poverty, battering, and poor hygiene.

Breast Examination

Perform a breast examination to identify inverted nipples, breast surgery, cancer, or masses.

Weight and Weight-for-Height Status
  • Accurately measure weight and height.

  • Check medical record for recent preconceptional BMI. If unavailable, estimate it using the woman's height and recalled preconceptional weight and the BMI chart. (See Tab 1.)

  • Determine weight-for-height category.

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