lems, edema, or other causes. A low weight gain combined with a low fundal height is of concern because of the possibility of fetal growth restriction.

Laboratory Evaluation

Resolving anemia may improve the mother's sense of well-being by relieving shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, and dizziness. Infants of iron-deficient mothers may have an increased risk of low birth weight, pre-maturity, and perinatal mortality. A positive glucose screen calls for diagnostic testing for glucose tolerance.

Basic Guidance

  • Whenever possible, involve the partner and family or friends in activities to promote social support for improved nutrition and health.

  • Positively reinforce healthful behaviors and progress toward any goals set at the previous visit.

  • At every visit, involve the mother in plotting her weight on her weight gain chart and in interpreting her pattern of gain. Discuss implications. Do you have any more questions or concerns about your weight?

  • On the basis of the assessment, jointly set a new weight gain goal. Aim for the target rate of weight gain, even if it means exceeding the original goal.

  • If this is a multiple gestation, revise weight gain recommendations to about 1.5 lb (0.75 kg) per week for twins, more for triplets.

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