Breastfeeding Women
Lack of Support for Breastfeeding
  • Provide support and/or refer to a local support resource.

Low Birth Weight Baby or Other Neonatal Complications
  • • Consult with the team member who is an expert in breastfeeding management for advice and information about special care, such as:

  • — Establishing and maintaining lactation.

    — Safe storage of mother's milk.

    — Support and encouragement for the mother.

Cesarean Delivery
  • Help the mother find comfortable positions (e.g., lying down, using pillows) for breastfeeding.

  • Initiate breastfeeding as soon as the mother and infant are ready.

  • Minimize interrupting the mother's sleep for reasons other than breastfeeding.

  • Assist the mother in enlisting support from family, friends, or support groups such as La Leche League.

Breast Surgery or Anatomical Variants
  • If an anatomical variation was not corrected prenatally, consult an experienced clinician for observation and assessment of breastfeeding and for guidance in using a breast pump or breast shells to evert the nipples.

  • Facilitate nursing after delivery.

  • Encourage women with previous breast augmentation or reduction to monitor the infant's weight gain regularly.

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