Early Pediatric Visit

The first baby visit provides an opportunity to ask the mother about her diet and home situation and about how breastfeeding is going.

Gathering Information
Physical Examination
  • Measure the infant's weight and length, and record measurements on the growth chart as a means of evaluating the infant's nutrition.

  • Observe the mother nursing the baby, if applicable, noting the method of holding the infant, the infant's ability to latch on and suckle, the removal of the infant from the breast, signs that the mother is comfortable, and her responses.

History—Sample Questions
  • How are things going at home?

  • Are you enjoying your baby?

  • How much sleep (rest) are you getting?

  • Do you have trouble finding time to eat? To drink enough liquids? How often are you eating and drinking? Any snacks? What liquids are you drinking? If she is eating fewer than three meals per day, get more details.

  • How are you feeding your baby?

Breastfeeding Experience

If the woman is breastfeeding, ask:

  • How often are you breastfeeding your baby?

  • How are you doing with breastfeeding?

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