In executing the foregoing assessment, it is expected that NRC will rely on existing information and documentation and will not undertake any original model or data validation efforts. In order to assure timely advice enabling effective allocation of DOE resources to the continuing development of the NEMS, NRC may, as appropriate, issue brief advisory reports on findings and recommendations considered significant. The advisory reports will be subject to peer review. NRC will issue, within 21 months of contract award, a peer reviewed final report to the DOE covering their findings and recommendations during the duration of the study.


NRC's report, after the first part of the review is completed, will provide informed judgements on the capabilities and adequacy of NEMS for its intended purposes, taking account of its initial applications and will advise the DOE with regard to further NEMS development.

NRC's findings and recommendations at the end of the second part of the review will provide DOE an assessment of NEMS, suggesting the level of confidence appropriate for its analytical products, and guiding its continued development and application. It is expected that NRC's interim advisory reports and final recommendations will enhance DOE's capabilities for strategic planning over the long term.


NRC's findings and recommendations will take the form of the reports described under “Proposed Effort.” All reports will be subject to regular NRC report review procedures. Reports will be provided to DOE and to other appropriate individuals and agencies. Briefings will be conducted as necessary.

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