• to meet and establish a dialogue with government officials; members of the congress, judiciary, military, police, and security forces; human rights, health care, and legal organizations; academics; and individual scientists, engineers, and health professionals in an effort to gain a better understanding of the human rights situation in Guatemala;

  • to express the concerns of the human rights committees of the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine to the authorities in Guatemala regarding the physical safety of colleagues in science, engineering, and health care;

  • to learn how the international scientific community might assist those in Guatemala who are trying to end human rights abuses;

  • to present to those with whom the delegation meets the attached lists of 32 scientists, engineers, health professionals, and students of these disciplines, who are reported to have disappeared or to have been murdered—in some cases after being abducted;

  • to verify the information on these lists with reliable and knowledgeable individuals and organizations and to correct or supplement it insofar as possible;

  • to ascertain the status of any investigations into the cases on these lists;

  • to request that the individuals responsible for the abductions, and murders of these colleagues be found and brought to justice;

  • to present the information obtained and insights gained during the mission to the officers of the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine;

  • to publish a report of the mission and distribute it to interested individuals and organizations in the United States and abroad.


This section of the report summarizes information obtained during the delegation's meetings in Guatemala City with officials of government offices, including the police and armed forces, supplemented by information gathered before and after the mission. The delegation did not meet with President Serrano, who was in Costa Rica during part of the delegation's visit and was reportedly involved with the Guatemalan Congress on a tax-reform bill thereafter.

The delegation met with the following officials:

Fernando Hurtado Prem, Ministro de Gobernación (Minister of the Interior);

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