1986 to 1990, Dr. Alley was ground-water coordinator for the pilot National Water Quality Assessment Program. His research interests are in regional assessment of ground water quality and surface and ground water interactions.

LAWRENCE G. BATTEN is a Technical Marketing Representative for Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) in Boulder, Colorado, where he is involved in development of GIS applications in a variety of environmental and demographic fields. He has previously held positions at TYDAC Technologies and the U.S. Geological Survey. He received his B.S. in Earth Science from the University of South Dakota. Pertinent areas of research that Mr. Batten has pursued include drainage basin characterization and hydrologic modeling.

CHERYL K. CONTANT is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Iowa. She received her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University. Her current research examines the farm practice and water quality implications of alternative nonpoint pollution policies and effectiveness of field demonstration programs.

PAMELA G. DOCTOR is the Staff Scientist and Manager for the Site Characterization and Assessment Section of Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, where she oversees the work of field geologists and hydrologists and performance and risk assessment modelers doing research in hazardous waste management and remediation. She received her Ph.D. in Statistics from Iowa State University. Areas of interest for Dr. Doctor include environmental sampling and analysis, statistical problems of fatios in environmental radionuclide research, and biological effects studies.

ANTHONY S. DONIGIAN, JR. is President and Principal Engineer of AQUA TERRA Consultants. He received a B.A. in Engineering Sciences and a B.S. in Engineering from Dartmouth College, and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University. His recent research and applications studies have concentrated on the movement of contaminants through the vadose zone, ground water contamination by pesticides and hazardous wastes, model validation issues and procedures, and the evaluation of control alternatives such as best management practices, conservation tillage, and remedial actions at waste sites.

ROBERT H. DOWDY received his Ph.D. in Soil Science from Michigan State University, his M.S. in Agronomy from the University of Kentucky, and his B.S. in Agriculture from Berea College. Currently, he is a Soil Scientist with the Agricultural Research Service, USDA, and Professor of Soil Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. Research interests of Dr. Dowdy include ground water quality, plant root development, quantitative analyses of soil clay minerals, and pesticide movement under irrigated potato production.

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