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5). I contacted Mr. Jan Herman, Naval historian at the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery and asked him the whereabouts of the 3'' x 5" file cards that were mentioned in the memo. He thought the cards were sent to the NPRC in St. Louis and put into each individual's military personnel record folder. Neither the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery nor the NPRC kept a master list of these volunteers before the cards were sent to the NPRC or before the cards were inserted into the individual personnel folders. This account was corroborated by Mr. Bundy, the NRL archivist.

To test the existence of the 3" x 5" card in the personnel folder, we searched the personnel folders of five veterans who contacted the NRL and whose last names also appeared on the list of last names compiled by the NRL. The personnel folders were located for all five veterans. There were 3" x 5" cards or other supporting documents in the folders of four of the five veterans (Attachment 6). It appears very likely that once we identify putative participants from a military source, they can be easily validated by the examination of their personnel records.

D. Bainbridge, MD, Navy Training Center

Because it is not feasible or practical to search personnel records stored at the NPRC by last name only, we need to somehow narrow down the potential search list. The Navy records indicate that all volunteers for the NRL tests came from the Bainbridge Training Center. Therefore, there is a fair chance that the records of the individuals who were transferred to the NRL for temporary duty exist at the Bainbridge Training Center. I contacted the Military Reference Branch of the National Archives. Indeed, there are 29 rolls of microfilm which comprise the muster rolls of the Naval Training Center at Bainbridge from January 1, 1943, to December 31, 1945. I made arrangements for purchasing the muster rolls. I expect to receive the rolls by June 1992. If there is an entry of temporary duty assignment to the NRL for each volunteer in the muster rolls, the entire 29 rolls of microfilm can be reviewed and their names and service numbers and other relevant information can be abstracted. These individuals' personnel records can then be searched at the NPRC for the 3" x 5" cards and any other corroborating information.

If the muster rolls do not contain the records of temporary assignments, we can still search the muster rolls for potential matches by the last names listed in the NRL lab notebook and appropriate time periods. For example, Walker listed in Book #4211, January 1, 1944, to April 29, 1944, full-body chamber tests will be searched among the Bainbridge trainee muster rolls for the appropriate calendar period. There may be only one trainee with the last name Walker or there may be 5, 10, 15 and

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