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etc. These individual's personnel records can be searched at the NPRC for the 3" x 5" card and other supporting documents.

E. Conclusions

  1. There is no central roster of the NRL test participants with their full names and service numbers.

  2. Personnel records archived at the NPRC in St. Louis will contain supporting documents for those who participated in the NRL tests.

  3. The muster rolls from the Bainbridge Naval Training Center from January 1, 1943, to December 31, 1945, may contain names of those volunteers or assist us in narrowing down the potential search list.

  4. The muster rolls have been purchased and they will be reviewed shortly.

III. The U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service Tests

A. Special Orders No. 152

The Army also conducted numerous tests of protective clothing, equipment and ointments on volunteers in the laboratory and in the field. The test sites included Edgewood Arsenal (MD), Camp Sibert (AL), Bushnell (FL), Dugwood Proving Ground (UT), and San Jose Island (Panama Canal Zone).

Volunteers were mainly from the CWS units, but some field tests were carried out on infantry troops stationed at Camp Paraiso, Panama Canal Zone, and a company of the 94th Medical Battalion at Bushnell, Florida. During the review of the 18 boxes of documents stored at the Suitland Federal Records Center, the ESG team found a document which recorded that the 150th Infantry Regiment stationed in the Panama Canal Zone participated in a field test. The troops entered a contaminated jungle two hours after a test bombing of mustard gas. They remained there for 24 hours. Now a declassified military document, "Medical Research in Chemical Warfare" states that "between September 1943 and February 1945, 1002 enlisted men and officers voluntarily submitted to tests conducted by the Medical Division and were commended by the Chief of the Chemical Warfare Service for participating 'beyond the call of duty by subjecting themselves to pain, discomfort, and possible permanent injury for the advancement of research in protection of our armed forces.' " The actual number of ground troops who participated in the field test is unknown.

In reviewing documents submitted to VA for compensation claims by veterans, we came across a copy of Special Orders No. 152 issued on June 25, 1944, by the office of the Chief, Chemical Warfare Service

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