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2nd Platoon, Company E, 295th Infantry

May 8, 1945-May 22, 1945

94th Medical Gas Treatment Battalion

Jan-Feb 1944

71st Chemical Smoke Generator Company


July-October 1942

67th Chemical Smoke Generator Company


68th Chemical Smoke Generator Company


27th Chemical Decontamination Company

(Puerto Rican)


95th Chemical Company


135th Station Hospital (less nurses)


Company B, 295th Infantry

April 1945

Company L, 150th Infantry

April 1945

Company C, 295th Infantry

April 1945

2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry

October 11, 1945

I do not know whether the above list includes all of the units which participated in the field tests or to what extent this list is complete. In the meantime, I obtained three additional documents which list names and service numbers of test participants:

  1. Special Order No. 61 issued on March 11, 1945, by the Chief of the Chemical Warfare Service, 78 veterans listed.

  2. Special Order No. 130 issued on May 27, 1945, by the Chief of Chemical Warfare Service, 32 veterans listed.

  3. A memo from Lt. Col. Thomas Thompson to Chief, Chemical Warfare Service dated on May 23, 1945, 42 veterans listed.

The total number of Army veterans with full names and service numbers that I have been able to identify to date is 617, which is still short of the number "1002" stated in the historical military document written by Raymond C. Cochrane. Further efforts are required to locate the military records of the units listed above and research them for identification of additional individuals who participated in the tests.

As suggested by Dr. Connie Pechura, NAS, I contacted Lt. Col. Richard Parry at Fort Detrick. He did not have or know  of any documents that contain names of WWII test participants.

III. Conclusions
  1. The muster rolls of the Bainbridge Navy Training Center will help narrow down the number of personnel record reviews necessary to

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