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Environmental Sciences and the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science. Contact: Dennis Tirpak, Climate Change Division, EPA, (202) 260-8825.


Air Pollution Transport and Transformation




Studies of the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere; transformation of SO2 to SO3 in the atmosphere; rules of pollutant diffusion in areas of complex topography (1988-89); atmospheric chemical processes and models (ongoing since 1988); the transformation of harmful substances contained in soot particles (ongoing since 1988); mountain cloud chemistry project (1989–91); and cooperation on the Global Trends Network (1979–89). NOAA and CAS are also involved in this program. Contact: William Wilson, EPA (Research Triangle Park), (919) 541-2551.


Coal-bed Methane




The project is aimed at reducing atmospheric methane emissions, expanding the recovery and use of coal-bed methane, and providing substantial quantities of clean-burning natural gas. Current work is focused on resource assessment and the identification of demonstration project sites. The project is developing pilot projects in areas with documented coal-bed methane potential and creating a program to train Chinese engineers. No data are available. NEPA and SMA are also involved in this project. Contact: Dina Kruger, Global Change Division, EPA, (202) 233-9039; Chinese PI: Li Xuecheng, Ministry of Energy.

Fossil Energy

Analysis of General Circulation Models




Task One of the DOE-CAS Joint Research on the Greenhouse Effect. Analysis of various current climate models to improve general circulation models (GCM), specifically, the development of the CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics' (IAP) two-level GCM. The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 73(5) 1992 describes this joint project. Data sets are available. Contact: T.K. Lau, DOE, (202) 586-9249; U.S. PI: R. Cess, University of New York at Stony Brook, (516) 632-8321; Chinese PI: Zeng Qingcun, Institute of Atmospheric Physics.

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