Development, and the group's secretariat is at SMA, under the directorship of Liu Jibin, deputy director of SMA.

The NCCCG has four working groups that parallel the ones of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): (1) scientific assessment (lead agency is SMA), (2) impacts assessment (NEPA), (3) response strategies (SSTC), and (4) international climate change agreement negotiations (MOFA). The working group on climate impacts published a paper, "Impact of Human Activities on Climate in China" (NCCCG 1990) for the Third Plenary Conference of the IPCC Second Working Group. The paper covers impacts on agriculture, forestry, water resources, and energy.



The panel does report on the newly established international program on the human dimensions of global change in Chapter 4.


Activities related to regional research centers are reported under the System for Analysis, Research, and Training section in Chapter 4.


The ICSU Panel on World Data Centers (WDC) manages about 40 centers that are distributed among five host countries that maintain them: WDC-A in the United States, WDC-B in the former Soviet Union, WDC-C1 in Europe, WDC-C2 in Japan, and WDC-D in China. WDCs collect, distribute, and archive data that provide baseline information for disciplinary research and for monitoring changes in the geosphere or biosphere (ICSU 1992).


Even though WDC-D for atmosphere is located at SMA, CAS is the secretariat for WDC-D activities. It should be noted that Chinese scientists not affiliated with SMA have reported being charged for WDC-D atmospheric data handled by SMA.


Some of these projects are detailed in later chapters and appendices.

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