The State Science and Technology Commission (SSTC), which operates directly under the State Council, is the leading administrative agency for civilian science and technology. Song Jian is the chairman and he also is a state counselor, chairman of SEPC, and chairman of various other environmental committees, including being the honorary chairman of the CNCIGBP.

SSTC is responsible for developing science and technology policy and guidelines and for applying science and technology for economic growth. Budgets for research and development in science and technology are administered through SSTC, including the CAS and other research institutes in various government agencies. Clearly, the strength of Chinese global change research is dependent upon favorable support by SSTC.

Of the 100 million yuan budgeted for environmental protection research in the Eighth 5-Year Plan, SSTC is allocating 80 million (NEPA is contributing the remainder). Six major environment projects, which concentrate on atmosphere and water pollution, have been identified, and responses to global climate change is one.

In 1989, the Department of Science and Technology for Social Development was established and was originally headed by Deng Xiaoping's daughter, Deng Nan, (vice chairman of the CNCIGBP). This department, now under the direction of Gan Shijun, is responsible for coordinating funding and overall administration of many projects, including those related to environment and global change. Within a given project, detailed project management is delegated to groups of experts.

The department is a member of NCCCG (Chapter 2). As a member, SSTC chairs the working group for response strategies, and, to this end, will develop a national response strategy for global climate change with financing from the Asian Development Bank. SSTC will assess current and projected greenhouse gas emissions, review strategies for reducing them, and analyze policy implications. Additionally, SSTC selected the study of changes in the life-supporting environment in the next 20 to 50 years to be one of the national key projects under the Eighth 5-Year Plan, for which Ye Duzheng, CAS, is the lead scientist (Chapter 2). A large-scale, multidisciplinary project, The Origin, Evolution, Environmental Changes, and Ecosystems of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is administered by SSTC (Chapter 4). The SSTC project coordinator for global climate change projects is Wen Jianping.

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