EXHIBIT 3 Application of the SADI to Compute Physician Requirements in Medicine at VAMC I1

Medicine Inpatient PCA


Physician hours is the product of admissions per day and the panel 's median estimate of physician time per admission, given resident availability. The former is supplied by the VAMC; the latter is from Chart 1 of Figure 5.2.

15 Adm/day×0.50 hr/Adm=7.50 hr (Wards)

1 Adm/day×0.50 hr/Adm=0.50 hr2 (Intensive Care)

Subtotal for Admissions=8.00 hr

Routine Care

Based on the overall median estimates from Charts 3 and 4 of Figure 5.2. In each instance below, the required physician time estimate could not be read directly from the charts, but had to be derived by interpolation, extrapolation, or some other mapping process.


Since VAMC I is a highly affiliated, research-intensive facility, all physician time estimates assume resident availability. All workload-related data are taken from the medicine DSE developed for VAMC I and are based on information reported to study staff by officials at the facility.


Assumes admission work-up time same as for medicine wards. Admission times taken from Chart 1 of Figure 5.2.

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