Didactic instruction of residents (not on PCAs), administration, and other hospital-related, non-patient-care activities:

For Service Chief12

For All Other Staff Physicians13

3.5 hr/day

1.5 hr/day×(14.6–1)=20.4 hr/day

Subtotal=3.5+20.4=23.9, which implies 23.9/8=3.0 FTEE

Total (to this point)=14.6+3.0=17.6 FTEE.

Next, the panel's median estimates for percentage of time to be devoted to continuing education (8%), research (34%), and vacation, administrative leave, sick leave, and other (13%) lead to an overall median estimate of 54% for the percentage of total medicine service time allocated to these activities.14

Hence, total FTEE for the medicine service at VAMC I=17.6/(1–0.54)=38.3

This implies that about 38.3×0.34=13.0 FTEE would be devoted to research, and 38.3×0.08=3.1 FTEE to continuing education.

At its second meeting, the panel's median estimate of additional FTEE desired from Consulting & Attending and Without-Compensation physicians was 1.5. If these are included, the desired FTEE total is 38.3+1.5=39.8.

12Estimate assumes that, among the three FTEE categories of administration, resident classroom instructions, and other hospital-related non-patient-care activities, the service chief s time is concentrated in administration and only minimally devoted to the other two. See Chart 9 in Part 1, under Non-Patient-Care Activities, in Figure 5.2.

13Estimate derived by multiplying the median estimate of total time for the three categories (i.e., 1.5 hr/day) by the number of patient-care-related FTEE, minus the assumed full-time service chief [i.e., by (14.6– 1)=13.6]. See Chart 9 in Section B, Part 1, under Non-Patient-Care Activities, in Figure 5.2. There are other plausible ways to compute this.

14See Chart 10 in Part 2 under Non-Patient-Care Activities in Figure 5.2.

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