• Policies and Guidelines Governing Appointments, Promotions, & Professional Activities of Faculty Members of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

  • The Sponsored Projects Handbook

  • The Faculty Handbook of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

  • Guidelines of the Joint Committee on Clinical Investigation

  • Use of Experimental Animals at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and University

  • Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest

  • Rules and Guidelines for Responsible Conduct of Research

  • Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Professional Misconduct

  • Grievance Procedure for Faculty, Fellows, and the Student Body

All faculty members should have copies of these documents and should be familiar with their contents.1

As teachers and researchers, faculty should be informed about ethical issues in research. Because these issues have rarely been part of their formal training, both current and new faculty should devote some effort and time to their study. They will thus be better able to inculcate in their trainees a clear understanding of the principles of academic integrity. Faculty also serve as role models, and the manner in which they conduct their own research must be above reproach. Discussion of research ethics should be a regular part of department and division meetings.

  1. The Office of the Registrar of the School of Medicine will distribute to each new faculty member the documents listed above and the booklet Honor in Science published by Sigma Xi. Faculty will be required to sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the above at the time they respond to their initial letter of appointment from the dean.


Preceptors are responsible for the careful supervision of their trainees and other research personnel. The complexity of scientific methods and the need for careful experimental design, caution in

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