Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students—Part A, Student Conduct and Discipline. Procedures for administration of discipline also exist for other academic and staff employees in accordance with applicable personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements. (A list of policies that pertain to integrity of research at UCSD is attached.)

To foster intellectual honesty, schools, departments, and research units at UCSD are expected to develop guidelines and procedures which implement the above principles and which are designed to fit the distinctive research climate and needs of their individual disciplines. These guidelines may cover responsibilities of research supervisors, assignment of credit for publications, training of research apprentices, requirements for record keeping of experimental procedures and data storage, and standards for merits and promotions which value quality over quantity.

It is the responsibility of each individual engaged in research at UCSD to be informed of University policies relating to research and of the policies and procedures of the agencies funding his or her research. Copies of relevant policies are available in the office of the department in which the individual is working and will be provided at no cost. Each new employee engaged in research should be given a copy of this policy statement.



The University will continue to take prompt and vigorous action to investigate and address allegations of misconduct in research, based on the following principles:

  • Institutional and academic responsibility for self-regulation;

  • Mechanisms to protect to the greatest extent possible the due process rights of the accused, the interests of those making allegations, and the public interest;

  • Compliance with requirements for timely notification of funding agencies;

  • The highest degree of confidentiality compatible with an effective response and applicable sponsor reporting requirements (Appendix, item 3); and

  • Precautions against real or apparent conflict of interest.

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