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TABLE 11-1 Menus in the Meal, Ready-To-Eat (MRE) IV Ration

Menu No.


Other Components


Pork sausage patty, freeze-dehydrated; catsup, dehydrated; applesauce; crackers

Cheese spread; cookies, chocolate-covered; cocoa beverage powder


Ham/chicken loaf; strawberries, freezedehydrated; crackers

Peanut butter; pineapple nut cake


Beef patty, freeze-dehydrated; soup and gravy base; beans with tomato sauce; crackers

Cheese spread; brownies, chocolate-covered; candy


Beef slices with barbecue sauce; crackers; peanut butter; cookie, chocolate-covered

Peaches, freeze-dehydrated; candy


Beef stew; crackers; peanut butter; fruit, mixed, freeze-dehydrated

Cherry nut cake; cocoa beverage powder


Frankfurters; catsup, dehydrated; beans with tomato sauce; crackers

Jelly; candy; cocoa beverage powder


Turkey, diced with gravy; potato patty, freeze-dehydrated; beans with tomato sauce; crackers

Maple nut cake; candy


Beef, diced with gravy; beans with tomato sauce; crackers

Cheese spread; brownie, chocolate-covered


Cooked beef or chicken à la king; catsup, dehydrated; crackers; cheese spread

Fruitcake; cocoa beverage powder


Meatballs with barbecue sauce; potato patty, freeze-dehydrated; crackers

Jelly; chocolate nut cake; cocoa beverage powder


Ham slices; crackers; cheese spread; peaches, freeze-dehydrated

Orange nut roll; cocoa beverage powder


Chicken loaf or ground beef with spiced sauce; crackers; peanut butter; strawberries, freeze-dehydrated

Cookies, chocolate-covered; candy

NOTE: All menus include instant coffee; dry, nondairy cream substitute; granulated sugar; salt; and candy-coated chewing gum. Nonfood components are spoon, matches, and toilet paper.

test, the average acceptability rating of all items in the ration was 7.05, which corresponds to the description like moderately on the acceptability scale, and there was no indication that food acceptability decreased over time despite an almost 30 percent reduction in food intake from the first week of the test to the last (Fox et al., 1989; Hirsch et al., 1985). These observations clearly suggest that the nature of the food is not the sole or perhaps not even a critical factor in limiting consumption of the MRE in field tests.

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