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And fortunately, the product was good enough that with this version of the MRE, his troops endorsed it and he went along. But the senior leadership effect is very dramatic. I can't quantify it but I certainly see it every time I am out with troops.

PARTICIPANT: To what extent have cold instant breakfasts consumed as beverages been tried?

DR. HIRSCH: I can't think of any.

PARTICIPANT: Just an editorial comment on whether the leadership has any impact, but one thing that is real obvious in the field is many of the senior NCOs that were in Vietnam had the C rations, whether they like it or not, in their mind it was better.

And routinely you will have 18-, 19-year-old soldiers who wouldn't know one if a palette-full dropped on them, will tell you, C rations were much better than MREs. People they trust say it is, so it must be so.

DR. NESHEIM: Thank you very much.

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