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DR. NESHEIM: Questions for Dr. Armstrong?

PARTICIPANT: I wasn't sure how to read that one slide. Are you showing, then, on the 8-gram diet, a higher body weight? Is that what this shows?

DR. ARMSTRONG: You saw a decrease in body weight at the midpoint.

PARTICIPANT: So you were showing that—explain that slide again.

DR. ARMSTRONG: On the 8-gram diet yes, there was, on the average an increase in body weight.

PARTICIPANT: So the people on the moderate salt diet had a higher body weight.

DR. ARMSTRONG: Not statistically significant.

PARTICIPANT: But you could argue, since the tonicity was the same, that they may have had a slightly increased extracellular food volume.


PARTICIPANT: What happened in the urine tests? You showed urine sodium. What happened to urine potassium?

DR. ARMSTRONG: There were two spikes that were significantly different. I am only looking at the a.m. value, however, and that may have been due to drinking fruit juice, for example, the night before or to some other source of potassium. Captain Moore can probably speak more to the 24

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