tunity to review that work prior to submission for publication. If an investigator chooses to decline co-authorship after reviewing the work, that investigator is still encouraged to provide a critical review to the principal author if a disagreement exists concerning the interpretation of that investigator's data.

  1. If an investigator declines co-authorship of a paper, an acknowledgement of that investigator's participation shall be provided. Authors are reminded that acknowledgements of the joint efforts of CDAW participants, the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC), and of the Space Physics Analysis Network (if appropriate) assist in making these efforts more visible to the research community and supporting agencies, and assist in establishing and enhancing future joint activities.

  2. New CDAW members will be welcome at any time, and in particular after the first major (series of) publication(s) of CDAW-9 results. These new members will abide by these rules of the road. Unrestricted access to the database will be granted no later than May 1994, and possibly earlier if the Program Committee, after polling the members, determines to do so. Investigators will be given the opportunity to withdraw their data from the CDAW-9 database prior to this public release.

  3. Submission of data to the NSSDC for CDAW-9 by an investigator does not constitute submission of data to the NSSDC as part of any contractual obligation.

  4. Summary plots of DE-1 and -2 data and of DE-1 and Viking auroral imaging survey slides are provided to identify scientifically interesting periods. They are designed to support data analysis efforts only, and are not to be used for any other purpose without the specific authorization of the appropriate Principal Investigators. The DE-1 and -2 summary plots contain unverified data.

  5. The DE-1 and Viking auroral imagery Principal Investigators have reserved the exclusive right to pursue magnetic conjugacy studies with their imaging data, for the time being. Thus, such studies are ''off limits" to CDAW-9 members until the relevant Principal Investigators waive this right. It is expected that such a waiver will occur in the not-too-distant future.

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