Geosciences: Earthquake Prediction


Marcia McNutt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Physics of Earthquake Recurrence

Thomas Heaton, US Geological Survey, Pasadena

Clocks in the Earth

William Ellsworth, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park

Discussion panel:

Thorne Lay, University of California-Santa Cruz Joann Stock, Geological Museum, Harvard University Kerry Sieh, California Institute of Technology Duncan Agnew, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Geosciences: Mass Extinctions


Marcia McNutt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Richard Muller, University of California-Berkeley

The Link Between Large-body Impact on Earth and Biological Mass Extinction

Walter Alvarez, University of California-Berkeley

The Geological Record of Mass Extinctions

Jan Smit, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Astronomical Mechanisms for Multiple Impacts

Piet Hut, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton

Discussion leader:

Alessandro Montanari, University of California-Berkeley

Material Science: Quantum Confined Semiconductors


Robert Cava, AT&T Bell Laboratories Mark Davis, California Institute of Technology

Quantum Wires and Quantum Dots

Kerry J. Vahala, California Institute of Technology

Molecular Particles of Semiconductor Solids

Michael L. Steigerwald, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Atomic Layer Growth of Thin Films

David Rudman, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder

Mathematics: Topology


William Thurston, Princeton University

A Lecture on the Energy of a Knot (or an Unknot)

Michael H. Freedman, University of California-San Diego

Recent Progress in Algebraic Theory

Michael J. Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Physics: Manipulating Atoms by Laser Atom Trapping and Scanning Tunneling Tips


Sylvia Ceyer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Robert Cava, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Nautral Particle Manipulation with Light

Steven Chu, Stanford University

Atomic and Molecular Manipulation with the Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Donald M. Eigler, IBM Almaden Research Center

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