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available at Watson's and other Western pharmacies in Beijing, but supplies are less reliable in other cities and unavailable in small towns. Contact lens wearers report problems with dust and advise taking a pair of glasses with you as a fallback. A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from dust and debris as well as glare.

Modern dental equipment is still scarce in China, so a thorough dental checkup is advisable before leaving the United States. Beijing, however, does have several good dental clinics, with U.S.-trained dentists, and some people have been quite satisfied with the quality of dentistry there, although you will want to use the department that services foreigners and high-level cadres. Senior researchers and foreign experts will have a better chance of getting an appointment there than will students. The clinics are:

Beijing School of Stomatology

Wei Gong Cun, Haidian District

Telephone: 1-831-0858, x 584; 1-832-9977, x 580

Dr. Lin Qiongguang

Sino-German Polyclinic Dental Facility

located in the basement of the Landmark Tower

Telephone: 1-501-1983; 1-501-6688 x 20903

Dr. Shen

Beijing Jing-Liang Dental Clinic

133 Dianmenwai, Xicheng District

Telephone: 1-403-1330

Ms. Ma (dental assistant)

Chinese brands of soap, shampoos, face creams, and other necessities for personal care are quite good and inexpensive. Familiar Western brands are available in Western drug stores, and Chinese stores are beginning to carry a few Western brands as well.


Americans who will be paid by U.S. sources while in China can receive money directly in three ways:

  1. Money deposited in an American account can be drawn on checks guaranteed by an American Express card at certain branches of the Bank of China.

  2. Money can be deposited in a designated account in a U.S. bank that has an international division with correspondent relations with China (many major banks in large cities offer this service); funds can then be wired to a Chinese bank account as needed.

  3. Money can be wired directly to a Chinese bank account. Fund

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