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tural and Educational Institutions," are sample copies. Subsequently, Party A and Party B can, before signing the contract, submit amendments and supplements to the sample copies according to their specific conditions. (Wages and benefits will be more generous for Foreign Experts.) The contract will come into force only after both sides have, through consultation, established in written form and confirmed through signature the content and the living conditions therein.

Party A_____________________________wishes to engage the service of Party B _________________________ as (teacher, compiler, translator, etc.). The two parties, in a spirit of friendly cooperation, agree to observe this contract.

  1. The period of service will be from_____to_____.

  2. The duties of Party B are as follows:

  3. Requirements for Party B to fulfill.

  1. Party B shall observe the laws, decrees, and relevant regulations enacted by the Chinese government and Party A's work system.

  2. Party B shall cooperate with Party A and make every effort to complete the tasks agreed on.

  3. Party B shall accept Party A's arrangement and direction in regard to his/her work. Without Party A's consent, Party B shall not render service elsewhere or hold concurrently any post unrelated to the work agreed on with Party A

  4. Party A shall pay Party B a salary of_____yuan (renminbi) each month and provide him/her the benefits stipulated in the "Regulations Concerning the Living Conditions of Foreign Experts Working in Cultural and Educational Institutions."

  5. Neither of the two parties shall terminate the contract ahead of time or alter it without mutual consent.

    If Party A wants to terminate the contract before it expires, Party B must be given thirty (30) days' notice and reasons for breaking the contract. During Party B's term of service, his/her salary shall be paid as agreed on for the term of the contract. Party A shall also pay for the return air tickets of Party B and his/her family [i.e., Party B's spouse and child(ren) under twelve (12) who have been permitted to come and remain with Party B in China for the whole duration of the contract; they will hereafter be referred to as Party B's family] and for the transportation of their luggage.

    If Party B wants to terminate the contract before it expires, he/she should hand in a written request with his/her reasons for breaking the contract thirty (30) days in advance. Party A shall stop paying Party B's salary and providing any benefits for Party B starting from the day

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