FIGURE 10.1 The preventive intervention research cycle. Preventive intervention research is represented in boxes three and four. Note that although information from many different fields in health research, represented in the first and second boxes, is necessary to the cycle depicted here, it is the review of this information, rather than the original studies, that is considered to be part of the preventive intervention research cycle. Likewise, for the fifth box, it is the facilitation by the investigator of the shift from research project to community service program with ongoing evaluation, rather than the service program itself, that is part of the preventive intervention research cycle. Although only one feedback loop is represented here, the exchange of knowledge among researchers and between researchers and community practitioners occurs throughout the cycle. The feedback loop demonstrates both the continuity of the cycle and the necessity to incorporate many different types of feedback into each step, including community responses, additions to the knowledge base, and ultimate effects of programs on incidence and prevalence of disorders. Cross-cutting issues regarding methodology, documentation, and cultural, ethical, and economic concerns are treated in the text.

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