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Lists of Important Technologies

For many years the United States and other Western countries have maintained a variety of lists of dual-use technologies that are considered to be militarily sensitive, and these lists have been important in determining export control regulations. The former USSR also presumably had lists of those technologies considered important for national security purposes. A joint review of existing national and international lists of technologies that are now considered to be militarily sensitive should be helpful in clarifying the concerns in the two countries and in reaching a common level of understanding of the types of technologies which are of special interest.


Following discussions of the foregoing topics, specialists from the two countries should be in a much better position to determine the desirability and feasibility of more concerted national and international efforts to address the spread of high technology products developed for civilian purposes but with important military applications as well. Some technologies will continue to be used for military purposes, but others may not. In the latter case, international cooperation and trade should be able to thrive if not encumbered with suspicions and false allegations.

Many other related efforts are underway, particularly with regard to preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology and to reducing the lists of technologies that are embargoed for export from West to East. This effort is intended to complement these other activities that are being pursued primarily through intergovernmental channels by emphasizing those technologies which are still in their early stages of development, international cooperation that encourages openness, and verification systems which rely on the monitoring of both economic and physical indicators of activities of concern.

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