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time. Nevertheless, this problem has now been solved both theoretically and experimentally.

The Russian school of materials science has played a recognized role in the development of this field, and the process of conversion now allows it to use its achievements for peaceful purposes and for universal development.

The structure of the Program is shown in the flow chart below:


Electronics of Organic Materials

Program Subgroups

Organic and Inorganic Ferromagnets

Polyfunctional polymers, conducting ploymers, carbon containing materials

Second order nonlinear optical materials

Gas transducers based on organic semiconductors Organosiloxanes binders and file forming materials Theoretical investigations

Organosiloxanes binders and file forming materials

Theoretical investigations

The Program includes several subprograms from different branches of science, but all of them are aimed to solve most important problems in the field of electronics of organic materials.

Organic and Inorganic Ferromagnets

The design and synthesis of molecular magnetoresponsive materials (ferro-, ferri-, meta-, high spin para- and/or super-para-magnetics and spin glasses) is an area of steadily increasing interest among organic, inorganic, polymer, and physical chemists. Molecular magnets are desirable as they may have magnetic properties associated with light weight, solubility in organic solvents, and processability analogous to that of plastics and optical transparency, which could make them useful in the development of new electronic devices. They also provide an intellectual challenge to synthesize new classes of compounds that do not yet exist. Moreover, beyond the basic problem of establishing structure-property correlations, molecular-based magnetic materials appear promising for the development of totally new properties or associations of properties (in magnetooptics,

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