12. JDA Advisory Committees

JDA's Equipment bureau has reportedly formed two advisory committees that do not appear to be connected with any particular potential program on Defense Equipment Procurement and on Defense Industry Technology. (Source: Mutual Defense Assistance Office.)


SOURCE: Compiled by National Research Council Committee on U.S.-Japan Aircraft Linkages from various sources.

War II era territorial dispute over the Northern Territories. Another consideration is whether Boeing will pursue an ever-broadening and deepening role for Japanese companies. Airbus has been exploring cooperation with Japan, with success seen in expanded sales of aircraft in recent years.

The Japanese policy and business environment allows industry to gain maximum leverage from international alliances and procurements, resulting in a gradual upgrading of independent technological capabilities and diffusion of those skills across civilian and military production and among the major contractors and the many subcontractors in Japan's aircraft manufacturing network. The Japanese aircraft industry does not carry out full independent integration of airframes, but it has become a major player in the subsystems and components areas and, with the support of the government, has built significant indigenous capabilities. Japan has achieved increasing independence and growing technological strength by promoting international linkages, particularly in the defense area.41 Japan is pursuing international linkages and the development of indigenous capabilities simultaneously, skillfully managing international cooperation to derive maximum gains in terms of autonomous development.


See Samuels, op. cit., chapter 8 for an analysis of "the paradox of autonomy through dependence." Samuels outlines how technology agreements permit the accumulation of skills with broad competitive implications. In this process, the government of Japan has played a strong role in managing competition and providing incentives for cooperative activities.

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