FIGURE B-1 Letter of invitation to public forum.

As Chairman of the Stockpile Committee, I am writing to seek your participation in the June 30 Forum, which will be sponsored by both the Stockpile and the Alternatives Committees. The Forum will explore and discuss issues raised by the Alternatives Committee report, and is intended for those interested in agent and munitions elimination. A copy of the tentative agenda is enclosed. The Forum has four fundamental purposes:

  • to briefly review the findings of the Alternatives Committee report;

  • to review the technical issues being considered by the Stockpile Committee;

  • to ensure that the Stockpile Committee is informed of citizens' concerns; and

  • to review the evaluation methods and process that the Stockpile Committee will use to formulate its recommendations.

We hope to establish a sound, common language for discussing technical issues, for comparing alternatives, and for obtaining effective public comment on the planning of the disposal effort. Invitees to the Forum will include citizens and representatives from affected states (copy of Letter of Invitation to Governor enclosed), government agencies, environmental groups, and members from interested Congressional Staffs. An informal list of interested parties from your state is enclosed.

Your interest in these matters has come to our attention, which is why I am extending this invitation to you to attend the Forum. Should you be unable to do so, your written comments with regard to alternatives would be most welcome. Space at the Forum will be limited; therefore, please indicate your intentions to attend as soon as possible, but absolutely no later than June 24, 1993. Should you desire to submit written comments, please have them to us no later than June 25 in order that we may have them available at the Forum. A response form is attached for your convenience.

I apologize for this short notice. If you have any questions about the Forum, please feel free to contact Ms. Margo Francesco, National Research Council staff, by telephone at (202) 334-1902 or by facsimile at (202) 334-2620 for further details and information.

Sincerely yours,

Carl R. Peterson,


Committee on Review and Evaluation of the Army Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program

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