1. Establish and maintain close working relationships with permitting agencies, and support these efforts with careful analysis of operating parameters to ensure that permits provide for safe destruction of agent, adherence to regulatory requirements, and effective plant operations.

  2. Establish programs, procedures, and management oversight to ensure continuing compliance with all environmental regulations.

  3. Develop systems to improve overall management of safety.

  4. Complete the risk assessment for the Tooele Chemical Disposal Facility during the systemization period.

Note that most of these recommendations are not specific to the agent destruction process.

The Stockpile Committee believes that the baseline system is fundamentally sound but that these improvements will provide worthwhile enhancement of the baseline system and will, if satisfactorily implemented, support safe and efficient operations at Tooele. This belief requires final confirmation after review of the results of the Tooele risk assessment.

As the first fully integrated baseline system, the JACADS facility was subject to startup problems, which would be the case for any complex system. As might be expected, these problems were often made more difficult by the remote location of the facility. Beyond these expected problems however, and as noted in its OVT reports, the Stockpile Committee believes that the Chemical Stockpile Disposal Program has been understaffed in view of the many major technical, regulatory, and public communications issues involved. This has led to administrative oversights and even to short-term technical modifications where longer-term solutions are necessary. If the program is now to include parallel efforts for alternative technologies, and if these alternatives are to be aggressively pursued, overall program staffing must be significantly increased.

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