TABLE 12 Estimated Cost of Lost Productivity (averaged over all victims), 1987


Due to Medical Reasons

Average Work Loss

Average Lost Housework

Average Lost Schoolwork for Student

Average Lost Productivity Due to Legal Process or Product Repair



















NOTE: Lost productivity due to mental health-related injuries is reported in Table 4. Rape, robbery, and assault include attempts.

who lost days reported average losses of 16 workdays due to rape, 12.5 workdays due to robbery, and 13 workdays due to assault. The percentage of victims reporting lost workdays due to injury was 4 percent for assault, 7 percent for robbery, and 11 percent for rape. The value of lost workdays was estimated to be $75, based on $8.98 per hour for a seven-hour work day, plus 19.7 percent for fringe benefits (Bush, 1990:Tables C24 and C44).

The productivity losses reported here are likely to underestimate the true losses for at least two reasons. First, respondents report only work lost from the date of victimization to the date of interview, a period that could vary from one day to six months. Second, the data do not include longer-term work losses, future recurring injury-related work losses, or those associated with permanent impairment. Future studies could be enhanced by additional data on the percentage of injured victims whose work loss and recovery in general require more than six months.

The productivity cost estimate in Table 12 also omits many costs incurred by employers, such as (1) training replacements for victims who never return to work, (2) the loss of unique skills of some workers who do not return, and (3) hiring temporary help or paying overtime to handle the work load of temporarily absent employees.

Because NCS does not query respondents about lost housework days, we made several assumptions to estimate these losses. Primarily, we assumed that injured victims do not return to housework prior to returning to the workplace.28 For victims who reported lost workdays, we estimated lost housework days at 365/243 (i.e.,

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