12 to 15:

Emotional ups and downs can stimulate your eating. Try to deal with the feelings that trigger the eating and find other ways to express them.

Section 6: Exercise Patterns and Attitudes
  1. How often do you exercise?

    1. Never

    2. Rarely

    3. Occasionally

    4. Somewhat

    5. Frequently

  1. How confident are you that you can exercise regularly?

    1. Not at all confident

    2. Slightly confident

    3. Somewhat confident

    4. Highly confident

    5. Completely confident

  1. When you think about exercise, do you develop a positive or negative picture in your mind?

    1. Completely negative

    2. Somewhat negative

    3. Neutral

    4. Somewhat positive

    5. Completely positive

  1. How certain are you that you can work regular exercise into your daily schedule?

    1. Not at all certain

    2. Slightly certain

    3. Somewhat certain

    4. Quite certain

    5. Extremely certain

Section 6—TOTAL Score ___

If you scored:

4 to 10:

You're probably not exercising as regularly as you should. Determine whether your attitudes about exercise are blocking your way, then change what you must and put on those walking shoes.

11 to 16:

You need to feel more positive about exercise so you can do it more often. Think of ways to be more active that are fun and fit your lifestyle.

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