A video tribute to Land, presented at the 1991 annual meeting of Polaroid stockholders, included the following Land quotations, which give an insight into his philosophy:

Any problem can be solved with the materials available in the room at the time.

Science is a technique to keep yourself from kidding yourself.

Keep your options open, baby. Don't say yes; don't say no; if you can, say maybe.

Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.

Every creative act is a sudden cessation of stupidity.

While cognizant of the importance of the stock market, Land's disdain for Wall Street's growing obsession with profits per se in the 1970s was evidenced by his answer to a reporter's question about Polaroid's "bottom line": "The bottom line is in heaven."

Land founded the Rowland Institute for Science, a nonprofit basic research laboratory, in 1980 and served as its president and director of research until his death.

Land was survived by his wife of sixty-one years, Helen Maislen Land, and two daughters, Jennifer and Valerie.

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