FIGURE 3.1 Federally funded research (basic and applied), fiscal years 1960-1990 (in billions of 1982 dollars). Source: National Science Foundation, Federal Funds for Research and Development, Detailed Historical Tables: Fiscal Years 1955-1990 (Washington, D.C., 1990), Table A; and National Science Foundation, Selected Data on Federal Funds for Research and Development: Fiscal Years 1989, 1990 1991 (Washington, D.C., December 1990), Table 1.

Note: Figures were converted into constant 1982 dollars using the Gross National Product (GNP) Implicit Price Deflator. For 1990 (current dollars), basc research = $11.3 billion, applied research = $10.3 billion, and total research = $21.7 billion. Figures for 1990 are estimates.

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