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*The Hantavirus Study Group includes M.Burkhart, N.Kalishman, R.Voorhees, J.Voorhees, M.Samuel, M.Tanuz, L.Hughes, S.Wictor, G.Oty, L.Nims, S.Castle, B.Bryt, and C.M.Sewell— New Mexico Department of Health; P.Reynolds and T.Brown— New Mexico Environment Department; L.Sands, K.Komatsu, C.Kioski, K.Fleming, J.Doll, C.Levy, T.M.Fink, P.Murphy, B.England, M.Smolinski, B.Erickson, W.Slanta, and G.Gellert —Arizona Department of Health Services; P.Schillam and R.E. Hoffman—Colorado Department of Health; S.Lanser and C.Nichols—Utah Department of Health; L.Hubbard-Pourier— Division of Health, Navaho Nation; J.Cheek, A.Craig, R.Haskins, B.Muneta, S.John, J.Kitzes, J.Hubbard, M.Carroll, R.Wood, C.North, P.Bohan, and N.Cobb—Indian Health Service; R.Zumwalt and P.McFeely—New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator; H.Levy, G.Mertz, S.Young, K.Foucar, B.Hjelle, J.McLaughlin, S.Allen, and S.Simpson—University of New Mexico Hospital; T.Merlin—Lovelace Medical Center; and M.Schmidt, L.Simonsen, C.Vitek, C.Dalton, R.Helfand, P.Ettestadt, J.Tappero, A.Khan, L.Chapman, R.Pinner, K.Wachsmuth, A.Kaufmann, J.Wenger, and J.McDade—Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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