March 8, 1900–January 6, 1970


CHARLES R. HAUSER characterized himself, and has been characterized by others,1 as a physical organic chemist, but more than his rivals, he devoted his efforts to the study of reactions that have been or could become of interest to the synthetic organic chemist. The index2 to collective volumes I through V of Organic Syntheses shows that Hauser contributed twenty-six articles, almost equal to the combined total for the other ten physical organic chemists whose names appear in Tarbell and Tarbell's1 extended list of prominent American physical organic chemists. Hauser's contributions to synthetic organic chemistry were recognized with the American Chemical Society's Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry in 1962 and the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association Medal for Creative Research in Organic Chemistry in 1967, leaving no doubt that he qualified also as an outstanding synthetic organic chemist. A quotation from the SOCMA Meeting Call 3 of August 30, 1967, considered his role as being that of a synthetic as well as a physical organic chemist:

. . . The subject of Dr. Hauser's talk will be “Some Applications of Physico-Chemical Principles to Organic Synthesis.” Dr. Hauser will draw on his own experience to illustrate the progress since the 1930's. At that time, the

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