management, and application of biological information tied to geography. The organization will become an important component of the NSDI.

  • Several key congressional measures encourage the use of advanced technologies. These include the Stevenson Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980, the Technology Transfer Act of 1986, and the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988. Illustrative of Presidential action (in 1987) augmenting these initiatives was Executive Order 12591, "Facilitating Access to Science and Technology."

  • Last but not least, the recent Executive Order (Executive Order 12906, April 11, 1994, "Coordinating Geographic Data Acquisition and Access: National Spatial Data Infrastructure") explicitly calls for the development of partnerships for spatial data acquisition.

Although most of these undertakings have not concentrated on the creation of a national spatial data infrastructure per se, the overarching concerns regarding federal/state cooperative processes, protocols, and priorities are quite germane to the philosophy and programs of those responsible for developing such an infrastructure upon which the nation and our society are increasingly dependent. It is imperative that public and private entities charged with creating the national spatial data infrastructure be fully aware that they represent only a single, but critical, component of a far more comprehensive information infrastructure.



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