Nature of Activity

NIH Technology Assessment Workshop: The Persian Gulf Experience and Health

Persian Gulf Interagency Research Coordinating Council

Develop a case definition of ''mystery illness'' and provide a list of recommendations. April 27–29, 1994 (NIH Technology Assessment Workshop Panel, 1994).

Population-Based Activities



Registry of unit locations

Environmental Support Group, Dept. of the Army

Database that identifies the daily location of PG units.

Health-Outcomes-Based Activities—Completed or Well Underway



Constructing a Case Definition



Working Group on Unexplained Illnesses

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Review and analyze medical records of ODS/S veterans with unexplained symptoms to establish a working case definition for post-PG unexplained illnesses.

Outbreak Investigations



Investigation of a possible outbreak among ODS veterans, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind.

Division of Preventive Medicine, WRAIR

Examined and surveyed 79 soldiers with unexplained signs and symptoms.

Post-Persian-Gulf illness reported in Naval Reserve Mobile Construction Battalion 24

Navy Preventive Medicine Unit 2, Dept. of the Navy

Follow-up of members of construction battalion units reporting unexplained signs and symptoms.

VA Health Registry and Clinical Evaluations



Persian Gulf Health Registry

Environmental Agents Service, VA

Collects data from PG veterans self-referred for examination at VAMC.

Review of Health Registry Data

Environmental Epidemiology Service, VA

Descriptive analysis of registry data.

Persian Gulf Referral Centers

Washington, D.C.; Houston, Texas; and West Los Angeles, Calif.

Local VAMC physicians refer PG veterans for more extensive physical examinations, when needed.

Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program

Office of Health Affairs, DoD

Clinical three-phase evaluation of active duty PG veterans and family members with unexplained signs and symptoms.

Mental Health



Desert Storm Reunion Survey

Boston, Mass., VAMC

Determine impact of combat and noncombat experiences on subsequent pattern of adjustment (NEPEC, 1992; Wolfe et al., 1993).

Neuropsychological and psychological profiles of PG soldiers returning home

Boston, Mass., VAMC

Neuropsychiatric evaluation to diagnose PTSD and anxiety disorders.

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